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Please help me I'm in trouble

Hi, my gig was performing really well but from last month it is not getting any impression and no where present in the search results. I have to apply filters to see my gig where it is.

Please help me to solve this issue, other sellers gig are there on the first page as it was earlier but my gig is not there. Why?

Please help I am requesting.
Thank you


Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you ensure that your gig shows up where you want it to in the search results. The best thing you can do is market and promote your gig on your own to your target customers, and be a fantastic seller who delivers great work on time that earns excellent reviews.

How successful you are on Fiverr depends upon what YOU choose to do to grow your gig. We have no control over the success of your gig.


This is the Painful thing when your gig disappeared


What is the reason for it, why my gig is not coming to the top? Before it was performing excellent
Now it no where


I was having no sales with one of my gigs. I changed my delivery dates from 5 days to 3 days, changed my pricing packages to $5/$10/$20, and today I got an order.

Remember that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Unless it’s a normal sales slump, I recommend making changes.

I had to make changes because I had one order on February 1st, and no orders until February 8th.


What niche are you in?

You can contacts seller help center and see your present gig status. If your gig under pending or draft you can contacts also customer support help center.

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Hope for the good do your best

Hello everyone i"m a newcomer in fiver. I made two gigs for sale. First two week I have got few buyer request and respond them properly. But none of them give me any order. Now a days i am not getting any buyer request and my gigs view are declining day by day. Its very much
disappointing ! What should i do now ?

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Hi. In January I completed 23 orders. But in February until only one order. What is the fact of this month?

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I create brand names for companies, stores, restaurants, sometimes products, etc. It’s not an easy gig, in fact, while it was my #1 moneymaker for years, it’s also the cause of all my demotions.

Maybe your gig is not in the first five rows of the search results anymore. Or demand for your service has fallen for other reasons. It’s only the 9th of February, if you don’t get an order in 5 days, I recommend making changes. Try lowering your prices by $10, or raising them by $5 or $10 if they’re already at the bottom. Deliver in 3 days instead of 5, but never in 24 hours unless you charge extra.

The problem with Fiverr is that buyers are extremely skittish, so anything can scare them of. You have to put yourself in their shoes, try to see your gig (and other gigs), as they see them.

I avoid anything that reeks of desperation.


Hi, I read your comment. It is very helpful for me. Thanks