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Please help me improve my gig


Hi guys! Just created my gig yesterday, please check it out and give me some tips on how to improve it, so it gets more attention from buyers.




Your gig needs paragraphs, try to make the content slightly shorter even more summarized. There are too many words in bold. Also, remove the “money back guarantee”, that only makes people second guess their order in this case (small purchase of $5).



Thank you for your feedback! I have edited the description, you would really do me a solid if you could take a look at it again and see if it’s better now

Thanks again!


Hi again, you are welcome. It is always a pleasure to help. Attached you will find your edited gig. Hope it helps you!


For some reason the file didn’t upload, I will send it to you through the “Contact Me”


Your gig description and video are pretty cool.

Have you considered helping out on forums related to dieting and fitness? I feel you can make your gig more visible to potential buyers there if you post useful content on those forums and keep the gig in your signature.