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Please help me lol

no ones expressed interest in my post so if u could pls just click on the link it’d help me out :slight_smile:

Is there any market for that service? There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the gig, except that I’m not sure why people would need that service. Online marketing would be much more efficient and eco-friendly. Print advertisements seem outdated.

I’m not a marketing expert or anything, but those are my thoughts. Maybe you can provide another service that there will be more of as demand for?

I do agree with what jenihiggs said up to a certain point, and personally I don’t see anything
wrong with your gigs.

I’m aware that while many people prefer online marketing etc, I still see plenty of those fliers etc at campuses and cafes, I’m sure there are people out there who wants such services. In fact I know a friend who recently hired someone and she contacted that person through a flier she found at a campus if I remember correctly.

There are plenty of people who prefer the good-old fashion fliers, I guess you just need to let more people know about your gig.

Your gig is area specific. Your gig want only those buyers that need to advertise their business in the specific area (eg: Houston). You’ll need to have a lot of patience. Keep advertising your gig outside of Fiverr to generate some sales.

Good Luck !!

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