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Please help me! My 1 gig has deleted and another one removed from category

Hello Expert,
Now a days, I’m facing so much problem with my account. Some days ago my one of the gig has permanently deleted and another one has removed from category and search result. Would you please inform me what happens with my gig with your experience. Also my impression and others activities has dropped.
I have created new gig but It does not show in category.

Hello, what are your gigs for? Are you using packages?

My gig about web traffic and I didn’t use packages .

Why was your gig deleted? You should have contacted Fiverr Support.

Some traffic gigs are not showing in search.

There are certain kinds of gigs that are not part of Fiverr’s editorial focus. You may need to talk to Customer Support if you want to know the real reason why things have happened to your gigs.