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Please help me my account dissble or fixed?

Does my account disable?
Please suggest me…
please comments me, expert freelancer …

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There is nothing anyone on the forum here can do. This is your third warning so you should have already known you were breaking TOS. All you can do know is wait and see if Fiverr will update your account. But from other posts on the forum it seems like if you’ve broken the rules this many times you account gets disabled.

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Normally at the third warning your account is banned.

The fact that they just suspended it and they are looking into it… might seem you have a chance. But don’t raise your hopes. Accounts are rarely reinstated after the third warning. Most of the time your account is banned, and obviously you can’t open another one. They will just bring you back if they made a mistake on their end.

Clearly that’s not the case, because you manipulated reviews, so most likely your account got banned. Hopefully that’s not the case for your sake, but it seems like that.


Fiverr support center reply me

Hello there,

Max here from Fiverr.

I completely understand that your account is restricted. I will check right away!

After checking your account, I was able to see that your account has been restricted due to multiple warnings issued.

No worries, I have submitted your account for review to our Relevant department to see if it is possible to remove the restriction.

Once the restriction has been moved, you will be able to use your account. I can assure you that you will be notified once our Team reaches a decision.

I hope this helps, if you require further assistance, feel free to contact us.

Best Regards’

Well as I said, it’s up to Fiverr to decide.

I guess it depends on what you got the other 2 strikes for. Did you manipulate the review system?


No brother, I manipulate the review system

I am asking, what were the other 2 warnings for?

  1. order cancel+ buyer report
    2, review

Honestly, assume you are permanently banned from Fiverr and start planning operating somewhere else.

In case the conclusion is you really are banned from Fiverr, then at least you’ve given yourself some time to set up elsewhere instead of just waiting around for an ultimately terminated account.

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