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Please Help Me(My account has been blocked)

I have been working in fiverr for last two years. Had 257 reviews. But suddenly today I woke up and received two email saying I have violated terms and service policy for the third time. and my account has been blocked.

There are still 3 active orders and revenue pending. Could you anyone tell me will I be able to regain access there again. I live with the account. I’m just damaged now please help.


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If your account was blocked due to TOS violation (with 2 warnings) then it probably was for a good reason. Even if we wanted to help you, we couldn’t. You can talk to CS and if they have said no then that’s it.

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But I know what TOS is. I didn’t do anything like that.

That’s pathetic but forum can’t help you regarding this but only Fiverr CS. Contact them and they will inform you the reason for sure!

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We don’t know what you did or didn’t do.
You should have asked from CS when you got your first warning. If you didn’t then you can ask now.

The bottom line is that we cannot help you.

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I’m still getting the order delivery reminder. Now can’t access. How I could let the buyer know i can;t access. They will again contact support and post review like “Seller failed to deliver in time”. I can not think what to do :frowning:

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Email fiverr CS first!
what I know is you wont be able to access your account back and all your orders will be cancelled automatically!
all revenue will be credited to you back account in 21 days!
This is what I hear from around!

Hi,wot they said in the e mail.that u got it from the fiverr.

Hi wpshouter!

This message is to let you know that your Fiverr account was disabled by our system for violations of our Terms of Service and/or other policies.

Any available balance that remains in your account after 90 days, will be available for withdrawal pending account verification and approval by our team.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We wish you best of luck moving forward.


The Fiverr team

Hi,just contact the cs.if u needed any answers.