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Please Help Me My Account Restricted

My account has been restricted yesterday. Because, I went to the Security option and enter a wrong phone number. I contacted Fiverr, but still they have not contacted me. I am very frustrated…Please Heap me …I Need Solution.

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we can’t help you , you need to wait for support to respond

already 24hr gone…I am very frustrated…Because my account have 264 $

there’s nothing we can do about it , they will respond

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i have already sent 3 mail…they open but no response why?

I recommend you to open only one support ticket, and follow it.

i am open support ticket but they say solved…But i actually my problem is not solve.

Then you should open a new ticket if it remains unsolved. But only 1 ticket at a time, or they may indeed not be answered at all.

sending multiple ’ emails ‘’ might be considered as spam, don’t do that , one is enough ,they know what they are doing

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