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Please help me. Need help about gig


Hello everybody,
Today I am facing a great problem. I can not seeing my gig by searching. Please help.
If any body can not see my gig then how can I get order. Here is my gig link…


I think there are a 100+ more productive things that you can do than searching yourself on Fiverr. What is that helping you with? Will you buy from yourself?

This obsession with ranking in search is just a waste of time. :slight_smile:

Just focus on bringing clients, improve your gigs and stop wasting time with things that don’t help you at all, and you will see success.


No I won’t buy my gig. Thanks for helping. Can you kindly help me how to get a client.


This question gets asked a lot, so the mods wrote a post trying to answer it. You can read it here:


I think directly anyone can’t help you to get client. It’s your own creativity. I suggest you, try to use buyer request everyday and keep your patience. And look at the Fiverr top rated gigs those are relevant you gigs :slight_smile: Good luck.!


Thanks a lot for your kind information.


But I can see more buyer request on my buyer request page. I know that it is not seen every time. How can I see more buyer request.


You can read it to know more about buyer request issues.


This should be displayed in HUGE letters at the top of the forum’s front page :wink:


Your really great. Thanks a lot for your great advice. Hope it will be very helpful for my future on fiverr. Thank you so much.


take the advise given to heart - i would not worry much about where you are on the search page - instead i would follow the advice and consistently send BR, research quality gig and add to yours, and reach out to others of fiverr that you may be able to work with. this forum is pretty useful too :slight_smile: