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Please help me No order for long time any suggestion



All Done. Try Fiverr Anywhere It might help you. :blush:

Thanks for your reply i am new on my few gigs there tags are not shown what can i do for that

Tag is not shown means? I am confused :pleading_face:

when you create a gig you can add 5 tags but when i can search them only two or three shown in search list

Depends! You need to do a bit of a research here on your own. See what tags are most popular in a niche you are trying to settle in. Then pick up five of them and slap in your gig.
Also don’t forget that description of your gig counts in for searching too so try to utilize a wise placement of keywords in it as well.

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Hey, @rohitech
Be patience. You should be marketing your gig. Stay touch with fiver forum. It will help you a lot.

Thanks for your reply
Can i have to share my gig link here or how can forum help me kindly guide

thanks for your help i must do that in my next gig

You can share your gigs in the My Fiverr Gigs section of the forum.
But what he means is that keep reading Forum regularly for tips and experiences of other people. That can help you be better.
Thank you.

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Thanks for your suggestion i can try this

Hi! Check this post out for some tips and info on getting more orders: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Also, I’m a little confused about your picture. The main text says “Rohitech Door Hanger Design”, but in the list below, it’s taking about unrelated items such as social media posts, flyers, magazines, etc. Are those other gigs that you offer?


yes these are related to other gigs thanks

Keep Patience, no need to worry.

send regular buyer request, be active and have faith. hope you will be successful soon

If you are a new seller, please watch this video and keep, CLICK MY FAVOURITE BUTTON and more tips Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked! :+1: :+1:

You mention the same thing twice in your pic up there:

Magazines, book cover is mentioned 2x as is Door hangers & Rack Cards

Not sure if that was meant to be or not…


Keep Patience, no need to worry. and send everyday 10 buyer request .