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Please help me, not getting orders

How can I get orders about social media related


Send buyer requests daily…
Share your gig on social media…
Add video on your gig… :slightly_smiling_face:


okay, thank you dear

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Social media marketing of Fiverr GIG is important for getting orders.
Of course GIG marketing has to be the right way. ( You can not do spam, can not break third party website TOS by fiverr gig marketing.) If you do so, fiverr account will be disable.

Important question : You are a social media marketer ( I have seen your gig)
Why your marketing is not working for yourself ? ( Because you are not getting orders)

Now answer me : How your marketing will helpful for other people who will buy your service?

People only buy your service if

  1. Someone feel that they need a service like yours.
  2. Your service will helpful to them.

Now your service ( social media marketing ) is need very much for yourself.
Apply your service first for yourself. If it work for you and you get sufficient orders. Then it will be proven that your service will be help to other people and you service will become a trusted valuable service.

When you find the proper answer of above question and you will able to make a proper solution, then you will get more orders from your clients.

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Don’t addressing anybody as “dear / sir / madam”
Be professional and call to everybody professionally.

okay, I understand. thank you for your suggestions.

Change how your gig image and its description will attract the buyer and always keep online status.Also promote your gig several social media platform.
Send 10 buyer request daily.