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Please help me on my profile

Hi, can any one just look at my profile and tell me whether my profile is looking professional or not and what I need to change.


Hi there,

honestly, your profile does not look professional.

  1. You should correct typing errors in your profile description at least. Eg. “An Aimbitious”…

  2. Your description says something like “I deliver all projects on time. I give 100% satisfaction to all my clients.”. How can you be sure about that? This is a strong statement that should be avoided in your profile description in my opinion.


Hey pal, you’re not really going to remove 100 background images for $20, right? How many hours of work is that for you?

I know being a new seller is hard, but this seems like a good way to get taken advantage of. Not all buyers act in good faith.

:stop_sign: DO NOT OFFER UNLIMITED REVISIONS :stop_sign:

There is no need. If your buyer isn’t happy after 5+ revisions, either what you offer is unclear in your gig description, your buyer doesn’t know what they want, or you and the buyer are not at all on the same page. None of those issues can be resolved with unlimited revisions.


Hi, Galvin,

Could you pls see my profile and advise me to do next. For the last 12 years I have worked on Microsoft office specially on excel. I know the basic works of excel along with vlookup, pivot, graph/chart. So which category i should be focused.

I don’t see any active gigs on your page. Why not open a gig for each specific skill? To be honest, I don’t know anything about those categories but if you have a lot of experience in each it’s proably worth offering services for them and seeing what works.

There are a lot of open topics about creating a successful gig. I recommend using the search tool on the forum to find out what has worked for others in your field.

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@gwyneth_galvin Thank you so much for your advise.

Thank you very much you helped me a lot. Please suggest me what should I wrote instead of (An ambitious) ?

First Thank you very much. I am little confused why I should not offer unlimited revisions. All sellers on fiverr offer unlimited revisions. And I offer 100 backgrounds remove in 20 $ which is good because the prices of other sellers is very high. As a new seller I should offer lot of work in few cents I mean $5.

No, not all sellers do this. In my opinion, even the most experiened sellers should not - and I think you’ll find that most of the veterans on the forums would say the same thing.

If a buyer asks for 30 revisions in a row, and you are not able to improve on the project, Customer Support will not have your back because you yourself offer unlimited revisions.

Do you see yourself getting into a situation where you would have to offer an indefinite amount of revisions, on and on and on forever? If so, surely that means there is something flawed about the service you offer? Why should you not be able to meet the client’s needs within, say, 4 revisions?

I am only saying this because I genuinely believe that if you offer unlimited revisions you are basically waiting for a buyer to come along and take advantage of that, and you will have no protection as this is exactly what you’re advertising.

There is no need for unlimited revisions.


Thank you very much for your advice. I will improve my gigs and description. And I will offer some revisions to clients.

Hi there,

do not get me wrong but I am not going to suggest what you should write in your profile description word by word.

You may want to get it outsourced. There are gigs offering profile and gig descriptions available on fiverr.

I just spotted typing error in word “An Aimbitious”. So if you are ambitious then type the word correctly.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for suggestion.

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That’s really helpful post and the commented suggestions were awesome. Can you guys have a look on my profile? I have just signed in today and so much excited to get involved! Thanks in advanced.

Hi there,

just my observation. Your description says something about Partha Sarathi. Are you the same person as Partha Sarathi? If so, you should rather say something about yourself and not Partha Sarathi. Not “He loves…” but “I love” for example. Hope you understand what I mean, you describe in third person.

The URL in your certification is not allowed. You should rather remove it.

Check out at very bottom “What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?”

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I am working on it right away! Can’t thank you enough for your time and valuable comment. Anything else about my Gig?

I am not quite sure what the gig images mean… But on the 3rd image I can see something like personal information on top right corner. In case my assumption is correct, remove it immediately.

Fixed! :frowning: sorry about my silly mistakes! I will keep this words in mind going forward. Anyways the images are my writing portfolio images and pdfs attached, if you see them in full screen you will find it better! Thanks a ton.

You also need to correct your package pricing.

If someone orders your “standard” package of 70 images twice, they’ll get 140 images for $20. I know it says that the premium package is priority delivery, but you’re already delivering in 24 hours so I’m not sure as a buyer this would be much incentive for me to pay $20 but get 40 less images.

Again, I also think it’s completely nuts that you’re offering that many images for such a low price, but I digress.

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It’s considered rude to hijack someone else’s thread. If you want advice on your own profile, please create your own thread in the “Improve My Gig” category.

My apologies! @imagination7413
I am a nob and truly sorry about my unwanted mistake! :frowning:
I will never do this going forward and will keep this in mind.
Again sorry from my side.