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Please help me out to get my first order

I joined Fiverr yesterday and have no idea about getting the 1st order . I have one gig of intro and outro of logo animation. You can check below:

Please check the gig and tell me about necessary changes for improvement in gig. Please help me out I’m very frustrated for getting 1st order.

Hi, I saw your gig and your gig description is short and it doesn’t look standout to me. I am not expert so i can’t tell what you should add on description but the best way is to read other gigs description and understand how it should be then use your own word to complete your description.
Check out buyer request section. You will find many clients there.
Use social media to promote your gig.
Check out fiverr tips section here and fiverr youtube videos where people share there knowledge.
It takes time to get an order so be patient.

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