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Please help me out with my gig. (Constructive Criticism)

I know I have only been on Fiverr for a week or two, but I haven’t received any orders yet. I hear that it may take time to get your first order, so I may just have to be more patient. Please review my gig (description, images, etc.) and please tell me how I can improve, so I can attract more customers and start getting orders!

Also, is there a good way to start advertising? Thanks!


Your offering is very general.
You might want to create a few more gigs with a little more specialized offerings.

Can only speak from my own experience.
So, at the beginning I got most of my orders from other developers who needed my skills using a certain framework. In my case that was Scrapy (web scraping framework for Python). I hear Selenium can also be used in C#, so if you are skilled at doing Selenium stuff with C#, you might want to create a gig for that.

And another thing. Sorry, can’t find a more polite way to put this…
Your forms look a little bit outdated. I wouldn’t want to use these every day. I’m very unskilled at designing a decent UI myself, so I can’t give too much advice on it.
However, you might want to create a decent looking image manipulation tool like described in your basic offering. That would serve at least two purposes:

  1. You would have a template if somebody orders something like it from your gig
  2. You would have an interesting gig picture and could show off some skills

I agree with @patrick_klein
Your design is outdated. Need to improve your design layout further.

Other review:
Your tumbnail is not attractive at all.
Poor choice of color. That green is basic RGB?
I don’t think people will click on yourtumbnail when they see it.

You should explain what is your main strong key.
I mean…, are you more proper at Gaming? Business Software?
Don’t try to grab all the fish on the first try…, it doesn’t works like that.
Need to be spesific.

FAQS is poorly made.
You didn’t prepare any decent answer for newbie.

  1. What your buyer prepare before ordering?

  2. Why “C#/.NET WinForms.” better than other software?

  3. How many page? Layout?

  4. What if in the end you failed make the program? Any guarantee?

  5. Remove this “I am not sure if you can fulfill my needs.”
    This makes you are desperate seller looking for money.
    Doesn’t sound proffesional at all.

Wish you luck,


@patrick_klein @ridwansugi
Thanks for your help, both of you!
I appreciate the constructive criticism, and I will make some changes soon.

This article can help you,


What sorts of specialized offerings for other gigs do you suggest I create? I mostly just do desktop application development, but I could be more specific in types of applications or something. How specific should I be (like Business, Gaming, etc. gigs, or more specific like chat applications, speech bots, etc.)

Best would be to try multiple approaches you feel comfortable with and see what sticks.
Also, maybe you want to make one for a specific Library or Framework you are experienced with other than .NET. As I said, I do web scraping stuff with Scrapy and Selenium and these are also in my gig title.
I’ve been asked for help by people who were using Selenium in C# on how to implement certain things and competition is usually pretty low with this approach.
For example, if you type in Scrapinghub you’ll only see about 20 gigs, for Selenium it’s about 80 and for Scrapy it’s about 300, however that’s stuff other people search somebody who can help them out with. If you can find something similar in your preferred language, that would be great

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Thanks again for the help!

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