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Please Help me out with the font


Hi guys could you please help me to find this font?
That would be a big help for me.
Thank You




Or you can download them for free online (for personal use) - it’s just a Google search away. Frankly @jhallawalla I am astonished that you would try and profit from someone else’s hard work…


do you know the font name mate?


He gave the names to you above - Hurtmold and classic handwriting. You can also try a reverse google image search.


he gave the name for first font.
do you know the name for the second image?


I do not - try a reverse Google image search.


thanks bro.really appreciate it.


It is not the font bro.Thanks by the way


I am certain you do not have the right to sell the fonts listed above at a profit - unless you are the original creator. If you are the original creator, then you should feel free to sell them.

I most certainly do not think everything online is free - I am always careful to pay a license fee if I am using someone else’s work that isn’t under a creative commons license. That’s how I would expect to be treated, and it’s how I treat other creators.


I buy fonts like forever and sell them again it works for me and i haven’t received any copyright strike from the beginning of my career


Just because you have not been caught does not make it OK. If you are not the original creator, or you do not have explicit permission to do so, selling on someone else’s work is at the very least unethical, and likely illegal.


No its not illegal to re-sell something with permission in writing


No, it isn’t - so long as the license you have explicitly states that it is OK for you to do so. i.e. you can sell the fonts on at a profit and keep the money you make. That type of license would be highly-unusual, but not impossible.



Please don’t push on this.
The font you mentioned is free for personal use only.
Fonts have different license costs, based on the allowed use: desktop use, web font, digital work, print work.
You can sell derivative works that make use of a certain font, but not resell the font itself.
This is a prerogative of a font foundry.


Very interesting. I see lists of fonts everywhere and I’ve never seen anyplace asking for a fee to use them.


The fallacy is in the difference between usage of a font and sell of a font.
There is nothing to worry about only for the public domain fonts.

The trick of many websites relies in the “free for personal use” clause.

Dafont prudently states:

If no author/licence is indicated that’s because we don’t have information, that doesn’t mean it’s free.

There are fonts that are subject to open source licenses, that are “permissive licences” like for example MIT, SIL and Apache.

These licences set anyway a number of conditions over redistribution.
Commercial fonts fall under the realm of the proprietary licenses, hence requiring one-time fees or paid subscriptions.


Dude chill
IKR and i am sellling fonts or you can say re-selling them with the permissions i have,Also i know OP is going to sell the work created with those fonts, FREE term on any websites doesn’t indicate that you can sell logos made out of those fonts on online marketplaces. PERIOD


mmm not legal! Most fonts have conditions on purchase and i’m pretty sure they won’t allow you to sell them to your own customers