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Please help me out

How do you do fellows?

I have problem in sending offer as a result of a review I had from a client

I delivered his work and he was very please with my delivery, he rejected the delivery after 3days with an attachment of new project, claiming that if I can do new project for free will it now Give a good review.

I believe this is unfair and he left me in great distress

What can I do? I need help urgently


You can contact customer care. They will investigate and if what you say is true they will help you. Just open a support ticket under order support with the order number. There are some buyers who use bad reviews and stars to blackmail sellers. We do not stand that.

Thanks alot, I have several evidence to back it up.
I will do just that now

They will go through the case and history with your seller. Btw I read the review he has said “Very rude in messaging” I do not know whose fault this is but as a friendly advice to communication is the key t succeed. It does not matter if the buyers a fraud or is rude you have to as a seller maintain a polite tone.

It is like customer service no matter how rude the buyer is the seller has to be polite. That will help you when the case is opened. If you were rude it might be in the favor of the buyer.