PLEASE help me. Password issues


They notified me that it,s a time to change password. I don,t know why… well when I change it it really can,t be. OMG what should I do??? Help me please. I follow the same instructions provided by fiverr but still changes can,t be saved… What,s happening??? I don,t know. :confused:


Same possession here, i also receive this message twice in today


It happens to me too.
I entered old password and then new password and then confirmed new password and clicked on ‘Save change’ button, I was asked for security question after that again prompted for change password this time I logout and login with new password. It worked fine.


hi i also got this in my notification but i changed the password what should i do now?


I just got answer from CS :
" Thank you for contacting us. This was a test feature which is legitimate and there is nothing to worry about. The notification you received is an error and we’re working on a change. In 3 hours, you will be able to proceed to reset the password via the new notification.
Thank you for your understanding. "


Same issue here can i go to change my password or don’t i mean i don’t wanna change my password.


Might be you are entering wrong password.
You can do one thing, first logout and then on login page use ‘forgot password’ to reset your password(by mail), this way you will be not asked for current password and abke ti just enter new password.