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Please help me review my gig and let me know what's missing

Please I need my fellow fiverrers here to review and improve my gig with honest feedbacks.



Hello Joy @joyceserv ,

Did you recently update your gig?
I checked the Business Tips section and found that your gig isn’t listed.

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Thanks for responding. To your question I think I did updated it. What’s the impact and how do I correct it?

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Assuming that you updated your gig up to 2 days ago, you should wait for 1-2 days and check the listing on the related section (Business Tips).

If your gig still not listed, you should send a ticket to CS and tell them about it.

Also, if i may speak a bit about gigs on your niche,
there’s a lot of seller who use stock photo which is more engaging than yours.
In my opinion, your gig image haven’t engaging enough.
You need more than that to attract potential buyers.
I would suggest on using stock photos from Pixabay or other commercial-free photo provider and spice them up a bit with photoshop or any online free retouching software.

Using half-body photo just like some other sellers do is also a great idea. Some potential buyers want to know with whom they will be dealing with :smiley: