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Please help me someone expert

I have created this Fiverr account is almost two years ago. But I was not active and don’t do any work. Now almost one month I have tried to get work. I have 4 gigs now and all are actives.
I can’t get any work. Is this problem for two years old account or anything else?

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I am not an “expert” but I’m willing to chime in.

Account age plays no part in the success or lack of success of a seller’s account. If you were to close your current account, create a new account and not change a thing and offer the same services as you currently are, then your results will almost assuredly be the same.

One month of no sales for a brand new seller is unfortunately not uncommon. There are sellers who receive orders their very first day. There are also sellers who’ve waited years fruitlessly for their first order and are still waiting. If you are not receiving any inquiries or orders from buyers, then something about what you are offering and how you present it needs to change.


Great… @mkhshaheen you get all information …

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Thank you so much for your contribution.