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Please help me someone its my first time on fiverr

When buyer asked me for " how much you will charge " i replaid " i will charge 200$ "
Someone told me that when you make deal or you talk about any money e.g dollars, payment etc, in inbox section your account will be disabbled by fiverr
Please someone help what should i do now

my order is completed and everything was delivered completely client told me its perfect evrything is done…


The purpose of the inbox is to talk with your prospective buyer about your services and what you will charge. So mentioning money is not the problem.

However, you can not use the word pay or payment or outside of Fiverr. If you do the Fiverr :robot: thinks you are trying to offer your services somewhere other than the Fiverr platform. So, if you type those words in a message the box turns red and if you press enter than you will be reported to the Trust and Safety people.

I have accidentally began to use the italicized words above and when I received the warning I did not press enter and everything was fine.


Thanks, for my clearification :heart: i am new to fiverr comunity i got very quick response


Since you were quoting your charges in the message box, did you set up a Custom Offer or did they actually place an order from one of your Gigs? I only ask, because a lot of times, new sellers will mistakenly discuss an order in the messages, then work on what they think is an order, and deliver it through the message system, and wonder why they do not see the funds.

Not saying this for sure happened, but, just wondered. Also, quoting what you would charge for a service in the messages will not get you into trouble. As mentioned above, only when you are trying to get payment outside of Fiverr is when you need to be shaking in your boots!


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