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Please help me to escape from fake buyer

Hello everyone!

I need some help. A buyer placed and order on 8th August. She took a lot of revisions and I was happy. But now she always come back after 2.5 days exactly when order is about to marked as complete. She ask me for revision and I send her promptly but she come after 2.5 days exactly. I am so tired how I can handle this. I think the buyer want the lifetime service from me. Please help me. I do not want to cancel order.

Thanks in advance


You offer unlimited revisions, which has put you in this position.

Cancelling the order will put a stop to it. Not cancelling the order will keep you on the hook for years, whether or not the order is completed.

For the future: remove all references to unlimited revisions, 100% satisfaction guarantee, money back guarantee etc

And clearly define what a “revision” is, how many they get and when the offer of revisions ends.


Then why are you offering unlimited revisions if you in reality don’t want to do unlimited revisions???


It doesn’t necessarily mean your buyer is a fraud. I had a semi-regular doing the same thing to me. They just needed more time to approve the work and they chose to stretch the time by requesting revisions right before the autocompletion. The entire thing ended up taking 10-11 days instead of 3-4 (I delivered the original work hours before the order was placed, all the revisions were done within hours, too).

The most infuriating thing about it was how minor the revisions were.


Wait until the money back guarantee stipulation kicks in and the buyer wants a refund because seller is unable to deliver as promised.

Don’t back yourself into these corners by offering promises which are difficult to keep.


Sure! Do you mean I have to provide lifetime revisions as I am offering unlimited revisions?

Do I mean? That literally what the word “unlimited” means :woman_shrugging:

Or do You really think unlimited will stop as soon as you are tired of doing revisions? That’s not how contracts work.
You offered unlimited revisions and your buyer is requesting as many revisions as she wants. You can’t suddenly change your mind and what you offered.


Here on the Forum we have heard of buyers coming back months later to take advantage of the unlimited revisions a seller offers and CS has supported them.


Hello there.

Sellers who use “unlimited revisions” as a promo slogan in the hope of attracting buyers who choose them over sellers who don’t offer unlimited revisions, have to keep in mind that they then also bear the risk of buyers actually making use of those unlimited revisions which are part of the gig the buyer buys and pays for.

If you think your unlimited revisions is the best value proposition you have to offer and it’s (just) 1 in (100) buyers or whatever your stats are, you could choose to regard the time you’ll spend on those revisions as a kind of promotion fee you’re paying to use the “unlimited revisions” lure, to make it psychologically less painful.
If it’s too many buyers to write it off as cost of doing business, or not many but it takes you far too much time, you better get rid of the “unlimited revisions” and think of a better value proposition, like a quality that won’t need unlimited revisions.

However, if the revisions are due to mistakes you made, I guess support would side with the buyer even if you only included, e.g., 3 revisions in your gig, when the buyer still finds mistakes you made after the 3rd revision. If buyers ask for unreasonable revisions (more than the 3 you included, revisions due to their own mistakes/negligence, revisions that aren’t revisions but asking for new work, etc.), you can decide on case-by-case basis if you want to just do the revision (there are scenarios where it might make sense), or send a gig extra to cover the additional time.

Buyers who take you up on what you promised, unlimited revisions, in this case, may or may not be unreasonable with their wishes for revisions but they aren’t fake buyers.
A fake buyer would be someone who’d buy your service without even the intention to get your service, like, for example, a competitor, who’d buy and not even download the delivery, or not intends to use it, in any case, but just buys in order to leave you a bad review.

I agree with anyone who says, don’t put anything like “unlimited”, “100%”, “(satisfaction/money back/…) guarantee”, etc. - don’t put anything you are not able to or might not be willing to deliver.
Unlimited is unlimited, 100% is 100%, guarantee is guarantee.
Words have meanings, and people can hold you to those words, or ask support to hold you to those words, if you don’t honour them.


I offer 1-2 revisions. I know that loses me some buyers but they are the ones that wouldn’t want anyway as they are the ones that think that I am an extension of themselves and therefore will work me randomly for months for $5. No win there.

If I make a mistake then I will fix that. That is not a revision, just being professional. This I don’t advertise simply because it should be self evident. If a potential buyer researches/trusts me so little that they can’t see I make few milkshakes and would fix em out of pride in my craft…

Get rid of unlimited revisions or any other - you don’t need to trust me as an equal clauses.


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I think people who do things like that assume that they can retroactively redefine what things in their contract mean, that it’s somehow subjective.

And they want the supposed benefits of having “Unlimited Revisions” without actually having to do it – and they’re surprised when it attracts jerks.

But as we know it’s not subjective. A contract can’t help anyone if the scope inside it is subjective. Scope isn’t up for interpretation.

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