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Please help me to find the right category for my new gig

I find it difficult to place it in a proper category.

Here is the gig’s link :

The gig offers a stylized portrait made out of newspaper :slight_smile:

I’m confused and don’t know exactly where to place it.

It lies somewhere between photo editing and cartoon/caricature category.

Someone with relevant experience in this field please help me out.

Eagerly waiting for a reply.

I can’t find explainer category. hope fully some one answer that too.

Reply to @killme20:

thanks ! I hope someone will help me out to find the apt category.

“Photoshop Editing in In Graphics & Design” will do it…

There is a category “Filters and effects”, you cant put it as your category since its only available for filtering the search result…

Using the keywords like “Filters and effects”, “Typographic Portrait” and “portrait photo effects” In the description may help your gig come in front when people search for the service…

Tell me if this info is helpful…


Reply to @inkbridge: Yeah i think this will be the apt category for my new gig ! thanks a lot.

You are a lifesaver :slight_smile:

@shinuikha8 There is nothing wrong with experimenting. The categories are pretty loose. For example, my creative writing gig get more when I list it under creative writing, but it also works under copywriting. What you can do is run it for a few days under one category, then go to ‘my gigs’ and set the filter for 7 days. It will show you if it is trending up or down. If it is down, try another category and see if that works. People find you by the strangest ways on Fiverr. They don’t always know what they are looking for, but a sale is a sale no matter what.

Reply to @webtelly:

thanks a lot ! thats something new for me, never tired it. Hope it works out really well.

@shinuikha8 No worries, and don’t forget to experiment with your tags. Make sure your 5 tags match keywords in your gig description. This is the way to be found, even if category is not 100% accurate.

Reply to @webtelly: yeah i’ll do it asap.

I have a doubt does a video help ? how long should it be ? to add to my gig.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@shinuikha8 I looked and I think cartoon/caricature is the best category, because people are going there to get the best avatar for them. Most of them are color, so your black and white is going to stand out. Be sure to use “avatar” in your title, your description, and your tags; not as the main focus, but as a side draw.

@shinuika8 I think a video is a good idea, mayb a stop action or time lapse of how you make the portrait, with your voice in the background. Maybe get someone on Fiverr to produce it, unless you can do it!

Reply to @webtelly: But there they ask for illustration style where i cant find a proper one :frowning:

But i think you are absolutely right regarding the avatar in title :slight_smile:

Will a video help in my category ?

Reply to @webtelly: yeah i’m working on one right now :slight_smile: time lapse like video.

thanks a lot for the valuable replies :slight_smile:

Reply to @webtelly: Hey… cartoon/caricature is a completely different thing i guess… And if am right, i think the seller here will be making the art work from a photograph… its not actually a “cartoon/caricature” creation…

buyers who look under “cartoon/caricature” may be looking for more cartoony version of their portrait… I don’t think that they will be happy with "Typography portrait"

Thats what i think, You are welcome to do be a little experimental with things… :slight_smile:


Reply to @inkbridge: I will experiment with both of your ideas and hope that I get good results after some days :slight_smile:

Reply to @inkbridge: Dont expect a miracle sales overnight lol… But yeah, you will get it, eventually… Good luck :slight_smile: