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Please help me to get an idea


My many clients want to see my previous work. How can I provide them an URL with my previous completed work’s 7/8 images in one URL? Please help me to get an idea. Thanks is advance.

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I would advise you to read TOS and see the list if the websites allowed to share your portfolio.

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Thank you so much for your valuable advice. I will follow this.


Create a PDF file with all your work (photos), or just combine them in a grid/masonry in a single JPEG and send it over the chat. Can’t see what’s the hard thing about that…


Wow! it’s a great idea. Thank you so much.

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You can add flickr profile URL


You can also add a pdf in your GIG with detailed services description along with your previous work in GIG gallery section.


The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

Note: If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied.


VERY wrong idea. Fiverr’s ToS forbids communication outside Fiverr, and you as you probably know, there is a personal messaging system inside Flickr!


There’s one inside YouTube as well, but that’s also on the allowed list of URLs just like Flickr.

Perhaps Fiverr are trusting sellers to use these sites without outside communication involving taking orders away from them? Like having the social media sharing buttons on gigs - they know anybody using the buttons to share will need to have an appropriate account to do so.


The great idea is to create portfolio pdf with attractive particles or info-graphic as well you can make small videos of work and post it to related gig so client can easily get it what you are providing…!! hope that may be help you a lot.


@neromare. Thank you for your information. I think is not an issue. Because fiverr allow using Flickr links into gig descriptions. @ajommahmud, Sorry for my wrong information.

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