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Please help me to get an order

I have been here in fiverr for more than 2 years. I created my gig in 2016 and got some orders till March 2017. After that i didn’t got any orders for around 5-6 months so i paused my gig but now i’ve decided to reactivate my gig. So please check out my gig and please let me know the ways to get some orders.
Thanks in Advance.
By the way this is my profile :

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I think you need to learn a new skill that people are intressted in on your niche. What you are offering can easily be done this days on sophisticated smart phones.

Learn a skill that is on high demand, create a new gig on that, stay online and on buyers request. All the best.


I agree with charlesdike. The service you are offering is not a difficult task to do in this modern world. You need to learn a new skill that general people don’t have. Think a skill that can solve buyers problem then learn the skill and open a service. In today’s world problem solving products is winning by miles. Look around.

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Yes…, Agree with everyone else…,
I’m afraid that your service is no longer needed as today…,
there are soo many easy free apps that can do this…,
The Technology is changing fast…, you should follow and improve ourselves…,
If not…, we won’t able to compete with new competitior

1 Like must create new gigs with with different categories…! not only crop and resize…

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Thanks for your suggestions!

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You are welcome, I believe you can do it.

You can increase your work span by minimum 5 to 7 gig, it will help you get your work done. Of course you have to increase your skills