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Please help me to get buyer request

I Can’t get any buyer request,anyone help me please .


How many you send, I send 72 got two orders
keep on trying no suggestion keep on trying keep on improving


how did you send 72? I do not get to send request to buyers, need to wait until a buyer contacts me.

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Click on selling and than choose buyer request. it is the best way to get the order when you are starting out.
it is frustrating success rate will be 1-2% but it really help at the start.

One note – Most of the time you will not find any thing, just keep on refreshing or add auto refresher extension into browser.

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OK thanks, I have never found anything in that section, I will keep trying, it means, that when a buyer finds a seller the request just dissapear from that section?

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Okey thanks,but i could not see any buyer request . I check it regularly .

Check in selling section.

Exactly something like that, i am also never found anything on that section !

most of the time you will not see any thing as it depends on level.
But it does not matter just add auto reloaded to the browser and set the time about 20 minutes.
Most of the time new seller will not see any thing but it does not matter. There are no other way

@bernardowords no it does not i think as soon as buyer got 10 request it disappear. But make sure you do not reload the page as some times it disappear as soon as you reload the page.
Keep on trying

Edit – My level is zero as well so i am in the same boat as you. Most of the time there will be nothing.

Go on dashboard→selling→buyer request…

okey understand ! thanks for your suggestion !

Please be patient.
Check the buyer’s requirements several times a day
New sellers always have to try harder


Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018

Don’t know how, but i got lots of buyer request,thank you guys
I think we need patient and i was refreshing buyer request tab rapidly after 2 min ,thanks

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Sending the request to buyers orders regularly… You will get offer definitely. Don’t stop trying…

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Thanks i will do it regular !

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