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Please help me to get first order

I am using fiverr from last one year i am trying very hard to get my first order but i didn’t get yet
Please give me you valuable idea so i can get my first order.

Thank you.

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You Can send everyday 10 offer request for buyers and continue comments fiverr forum.
I hope you get must first order immediate. Thanks


It is not our responsibility to get you orders. YOU need to take the time to learn about your target customers, reach out to them, and convince them to hire you – just like any business does to earn their sales. I have a feeling you haven’t been doing this. Waiting for your customers to randomly find you is NOT “working hard to get [your] first order”.

Who are your target customers, and where can they be found? Figure that out, and then go from there. You’ll know when you are ACTUALLY working hard, because your hard work will be yielding practical results. Set goals, and work hard to reach those goals.

Fiverr is not going to reach your goals for you.


Thank you so much Jonbass

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send buyer request daily and share your gig social media

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check this out,

Share you gig on social media everyday as much as you can. Good luck.

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Thank you it is really helpful.