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Please help me to get my first order.,,

hi there, i hope you all are doing well…i have created fiverr account from last 3 month but not receive any order yet… i am a data entry and data handling specialist. please help me i… :pray:

My gig


How would you like us to help you?


please order me… or help me in prompting my gig… thank you

wow, that is great. I think also that.

Why should we order from you? We are also sellers. Not buyers!

Also: Data Entry is lame. Der are several thousands of those gigs. No one will order from you!

Get a gig in a niche. Get a profile picture. WORK!


Well, I’m afraid I don’t need your services so I definitely wouldn’t order. Most of us are the same sellers on this forum and we are helping each other with advice but not with buying each other’s gigs.

I’m afraid this part you will also have to do yourself, as I said, we are all sellers and it’s enough work promoting our own gigs and it’s highly unlikely that someone else will start promoting your your gigs and doing your job for you.

However you can search this forum for many great advices that was already given and hopefully you will find something useful for yourself.


thank you @mariashtelle1

Try to active 24 hours and send buyer request with keen interest.

This one is really a terrible advice,how can someone do this. Can you?

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I m also thinking about how to do this,

Hi, @zainabiqbal275
very unfortunate for you. Need more hard working. and try to make your gig more attractive and eye-catching.
Have a good day


No but I’ll try my level best :slight_smile:

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Hello @zainabiqbal275,

I feel sorry for you. You can try the following things:

  1. Add a profile picture
  2. Participate and get good marks on the fiverr skill test.
  3. Keep improving your gigs.
    Best of luck. :v: :v: :v:
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thank you @qbo_xero_expert

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