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Please help me to get order

I was created 3 gigs . My Gigs Impression is so much good . Page view is 112 and Gig impression is so much good as like 200+ per gigs impression but not get any message or order from any buyer . Now give me tips about this situation .


Initially it takes time to get an order. You keep on bidding, you will get an order real soon. Eid Mubarak!!!
*I have a written a post on bidding for new sellers, you may also find it useful.
How to increase offer price on your gig?
Check it out and let me know if it helps.

Eid Mubarak !!!
Thanks for your replay .
But i want to know how can i increase my sells and i want to know also . What should i do right now from my position.

I have answered it in detail in my post. In brief, you have to send buyer requests daily, bid low and sales will happen. Sometimes you have to wait few weeks before you get first sale, then orders start rolling in.

I’m in the same situation, I believe it takes patients until you get your first sale. (If you get a family member or friend to buy your gig they might recommend it to others :slight_smile: ) From what I heard after the first sale more come.

Yeah that’s a MAJOR problem and I’m facing it too!

So you are too lazy to read the forum and rather ask the same question that already has been asked thousands of times.
What is the next step? Asking others to do the work for you when you get orders?
And b.t.w. when you hired the girl to make the video for you, you should have asked her to correct your English and not let her read it like it is.

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Dear shilpityagi_eco will you please site the link to your post here please? :slight_smile:

Send more and more buyer request.

Actually sending 1000 offers of low quality = sending 50 offers of high quality.

What I meant is quality is the thing that matters, not quantity. Take time and try to write a best offer possible. It will be worth it.

This is the url to my post
Let me know if it helps you.

In the first months of 9000 the total usually au own gigs view with 12 orders in it, great and small.

You must promote your gigs out with backlinks. Both in social media, facebook, twitter and instagram.
If your service is not going to sink to the bottom fiverr without sales.
Because traffic is money

Traffic will be up and down, as competition in fiverr and ranking in search engines

page views and impressions don’t matter, as far as I understand (someone please correct me if I’m wrong)
Go to "my gigs: —>click on the gig ----> click on “gig views” ----> click on "clicks."
That will show you how many people actually clicked on your gig, read the description, saw the video/pics, prices, and decided whether or not they wanted to order and or save to favorites.

GiG impression doesn’t matters but GiG views do really matters. If you are getting lot of views but no orders it means that you need to improve your GiG.

Traffic isn’t money. Targeted traffic is.

It means mainly that the traffic isn’t targeted and is in no way related to your gig whatsoever.

And with a response time of 1 week+ it will stay that way. So no reason for self pity here.