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Please help me to get orders


I just get a gig booking once … I already updated to menancing buyer but yet there is nothing that message again … tell me what to do? link my gig


Dear Aji:

First, don’t claim to be a Top Rated Seller with 14,000 sales when you have only 1 review.

What means this “menancing”?

Good luck,


Stolen profile description.

The original is here:


let not claim to be a Top Rated how … I’m still not done understand about claiming to be Top Rated


Do you make svgs…?


munkin not. what is the purpose of the svsg? and where it will be my locker


Don’t steal other people’s profile descriptions, write your own. Stealing someone else’s work (profile descriptions included) makes you look dishonest.

Do you understand now?


yes i understand now … later I will replace … thanks




By the way, is this image yours?

The same question goes for the other images in your gigs.


yes it is my work … there reseller partnership with me …



Ouchh, I guess she is gone…


@ajisapu These are format of images usually cliparts.


yes it is true my edits there reseller who used to buy my work … jd what should I do I’ll be able to order …


I’m sorry for those words in my profile … I guess it is valid only legitimate turns it banned, once again I’m sorry …


@saddu_writer The image psd file is still there with me …


@ajisapu you sshould do some short term SEO about your gig
and re modify


I’ve made as attractive as possible … if you deign tell which parts again which I need to improve?


well i cant specifically quantify that amount of data that can improve your gig
but you can make a video describing who you really are and how you do it
make it youthful and simplistic
dont use words like quantify :stuck_out_tongue:
it will help
and if you need illustrator we are all here :slight_smile: