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Please help me to gig video as primary

Please help me to gig video as primary .
How can i do that:::slightly_smiling_face:

Not quite sure what you mean.

This may be helpful to you:


@lloydsolutions thank you

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Hello kauniawab
you using for the gig video any type software used to help making the video.

You can use videoscribe for making a gig video…

@rehanag thanks:slightly_smiling_face:

thanks sk_sajib

i know just about the lumen5 is making for the video.

Again sorry
i reply late much

it’s ok :slightly_smiling_face:

One way I like to make my videos is by using stock footage, text effects, keyframes(look it up it looks professional in video and is easy to make), and screen recorded footage. I put it all together in Final Cut Pro, or I am not sure what you can use for Windows. iMove works too but I don’t think you can do keyframes and certain effects. In the end though, it depends on your gig. If you have a voiceover gig, provide voice samples, or a legal gig like mine, I made a commercial as to why they need my gig for their business.

thanks for your nice comment @ngtechandapps

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