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Please help me to how can I create a valid watermark remove gig!

As I am new on Fiverr, I hope you all will help me to get out of this situation.
I want to create a gig on the watermark remove. So, when I submit my images this is showing… So what should I do now please help.!

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Fiverr does not allow such gigs.

Why was my Gig denied?

If your Gig has recently been denied, you will receive an email update explaining why. Unfortunately, once your Gig has been denied, it will not be restored. If you are still having issues understanding why, we advise that you review our Terms of Service for more information.

The above is from here:

If you type “watermark removal gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


Thanks a lot. So, Could you please Give me some idea


Hello, an idea about what? It’s up to you to figure out what to do. Taking off watermarks isn’t allowed.


I have edited my post. Please read it for further details.


So you seriously want to offer a service that steals other people’s Intellectual Property?

Of course that kind of gig would be denied.

Is that your best skill?

(And your work ethic?)


In addition to not offering watermark removal in your gig, I’d also suggest to at least elaborate if you want to use the word “manipulate”, it might also be taken as something illegal as in manipulating bank statements, etc., else. Maybe use more neutral words like “edit backgrounds” instead or add that you won’t do any illegal edits. And don’t do any illegal edits, obviously.


Sir thanks a lot got it

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I seriously doubt it. But thank you.

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Thank you so much…

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Got it thanks for your support

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I think the gig was about removing / editing title or text field / tag line from a photo. No harm in doing so.

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Why think that when he said it was about removing a watermark?

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I don’t think he would be asking here for help if there was something unethical going on.
I once worked with a client “Team BDC” who had their logo as watermark for an Facebook page cover photo from before, and then again asked me to remove it and keep it separated.
They wanted just their team photo without their own logo.

So you remove watermarks? :thinking: Never remove a watermark! What were you thinking? Are you aware why a watermark is there? This is too much. I’m done here. This is beyond anything I can imagine.

I think you are getting it wrong. Let me clarify,
Team BDC is a cycling group who has a fb cover photo of them wearing their jersey and their logos in it. And the photo had same logo again in the corner like a signature.
Later they thought there is too many of the same logo going on in one photo and they wanted the signature gone.
The photo itself showed their name and logo in their jerseys already.
No harm done.

However, be sure that it is clear to me that never to remove a watermark. Thank you for the information.

So you do not know what a watermark is. It is not a logo. You need to look up the definition of what a watermark is.

Yes I understand. It was a misunderstanding. Apologies.
That is why I was saying that the maybe the original post was not really about a watermark. It was about a text/logo editing on a photo.

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No you said you removed a logo apparently thinking it was the same thing as a watermark.

Here, I looked it up for you since there is no doubt in my mind you won’t do it:

a watermark is a more or less transparent image or text that has been applied to a piece of paper, another image to either protect the original image, or to make it harder to copy the item e.g. money watermarks or stamp watermarks .

Shouldn’t a graphic designer know what a watermark is?

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Okay. Now it is clear to me. Thank you for clarifying. I really appreciate it.