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Please help me to impression of my gig

please visit my gig and help me to succeed click here click here


share your gig to your social media or do gig marketing it will help to get lot of impression and click

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thank you so much…

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Be Active on fiverr
try to be active on fiverr forum
Share your gig on social media every day…


welcome dear :blush:

thank you so much……

Okay, here’s what I see as a Buyer.

I can spend $5 for one page.

You will do it in one day.

I get unlimited revisions, you offer 24/12 online support and 100% customer satisfaction.

Again, all for just $5.

Sounds a bit scammy to me.

I would DELETE the unlimited revisions (that can get you in a trap), the 100% Customer Satisfaction (you will never be able to please me if I were your customer) and the 24/12 online support.

Plus, raise your price and extend your delivery time.

Many Buyers see a $5 price (and one day delivery) and move on.

I’m trying to help you here.


thanks for the suggestion i remove this please check it

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Share your gigs on all social media.

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You still have unlimited revisions and that will eventually sink your freelancing career.


i remove this…

All three of your Gigs STILL state UNLIMITED REVISIONS.

I don’t think you understand what a problem that can create for you.