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Please help me to improve my gig...Didn't get any order yet

Hello Everyone,

I have just started working on fiverr. I didn’t get any order. Kindly review my gig and give me suggestions to improve it.

Also check my other gigs. Thank you


If you want to earn more orders, you’re going to have to go find your target customers and encourage them to hire you. Sales do not appear out of thin air. You’re going to have to work hard to EARN them.


Thank you for your suggestion. Can you please guide me how can i motivate customers to hire me?
Is there any improvement needed in my gig?

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You are the businessman behind your gig/services. You are going to have to learn how to do this on your own. It is not my responsibility (or the responsibility of anyone else on this forum) to do your marketing for you. Figure out what appeals to your specific target customers, find out the best ways to reach out to them, and then make it happen.

There are always improvements that can be made to every gig. I’ll suggest one for you… I recommend choosing a different cover image for your gig. The one you have is garish and hard on the eyes. Use less yellow.

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Thank you for your kind suggestion.

Keep patience!!! Don’t worry!


Have Patience and Use Buyer requests option. :+1:

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I am also in the same situation, but i am doing everything I can to get an order. will see…


Yes, I am this option :slight_smile:

People expect that they will create a gig and will have a bunch of orders. It’s not like this. It’s hard like real life.
Fiverr has so many features to new sellers, but your success depends only about yourself



I will try hard to get my first order :slight_smile:

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congratulation:heart_eyes: cooll