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Please help me to improve my gigs .....not getting any impressions /views/clicks

Hi to allThis is my first post on fiverr forum
Please help me to improve my gigs …not getting any impressions /views/clicks
and not getting buyer requests as well
Need some suggestions
Thanks and best regards
MY profile link

You will get buyer requests once you achieve level 1… So keep trying

Thanks and any other suggestions

Brother do not worry you are lucky that you have got five order in such a short time,
There are some seller they did not get order for five to six or more month,
So i will suggest you to try share your gig in social media like Facebook Group, Twitter, or some other site like blogging, make backlinks etc,

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Really Thanks …Can you please suggest me some facebook groups,and please give me some basic information about backlinks…

Just search on Facebook for Fiver Group that allows sharing links and joined that group and post your link there,
and also that for twitter and Linkdin,

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i appreciated about your idea for making backlink idea…but did you try with it.?.is that helpful for bringing traffic on your gig?want to know about your experiance…
thanks in advance