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Please help me to improve my gigs tell me about my mistakes

Can you please using your experience go through my gig and tell me about my gig?? I recently created new gig how much time my gig will take to get good imperssions
Need you suggestions
Thank you
Gig link


Its not easy to get order on Photoshop related niches. very high competition

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How you found my gig? Attractive or not? Like about discrption about gif images, video title? Do you fpund my gig attractive?

Your gig is very impressive man. Keep waiting and try hard. Specially try to reply on buyer requests. You will get your order very soon.

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Hi @talha_farooq1
Congratulation on your new gig. So, now you can give time and stay online always. You will get better results.

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Thank you very much for your kind reply :heart_eyes:

Thank you very much :blush::blush:

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