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Please help me to improve my gigs


I’m level 2 Seller in Fiverr.I.m back to work in fiverr after 1 i need some improvement to my gigs to get some jobs.i need advice and tips for my gigs.this is my profile>>
this is my photoshop gig>>
please help me.thank you.


1 Year Inactivity :fearful:.


Try Social Media For Promote your Gigs (Twitter Helpful)


Some damage has been done already after 1 year: you have 3 bad reviews in a row. The last ones are orders canceled for not delivering on time.
Can you respond to Buyers Request with 4.6?
Anyway you need to get rid ASAP of those 3 bad reviews that prevent buyers to order from you.
After 1 year you may think about starting brand new so you need to wash up all your Gigs, tidy up a lot and start promoting yourself and bring traffic from outside Fiverr, because from Fiverr you won’t get much with all those 1 Star.


Your gig down already 1 year . just now active online maximum time . reopen your gig social media share improve your gig . and you will buyer request send you will success.


how can i remove bad reviews ??


You cannot, that’s the point.
You need to get orders fast and “push” those bad reviews down, so they’re not visible in your profile at first sight


if i can get an one order my gigs comes i right?


You need to get more than one, but getting orders will not help if they’re not getting good reviews!


if i create a new account.will it see the buyers ?


Creating a new account is not that easy, you need to ask Customer Support first, and let them know what you want to do. But in the position you’re now I don’t know if it will be better to try to save this account or start brand new.


Yeah. Can’t Use Duplicate Account