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Please help me to improve/ promote my gig

I have done one order only. please guide me, how to receive unlimited order?
your guidance and advice will be so appreciated. Maybe it turns my life from the dark side to the brighter side.
thank you so much.
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Need Your Appreciation


You need to be spesific.
Can’t grab all the project designs in on gigs.
It’s so unprofessional.
and right now…, your gigs are missing alots.

You only joined in this forum.
It’s clearly that you build the gigs without learning first.
Try to gain all the information you need by learning yourself first.
There are tons of information you can get from this forum,

Wish you luck,


thank you so much for your kind advice. I already learned this topics in 2018. I can edit photos. I mean I have good grape in Photoshop. I am SEO Specialist too.

EDIT photos is very basic services.
I mean…, today…, newbie could do photo editing with android applications.
and your gigs thumbnail??? What you want to show to buyer?
We can have that kind of image from stockphotos

You need to explain more clearly.

and based on what i saw…, you offering Photo editing, Poster Flyer in one gigs.
You can’t have a good tags. Good Tags is important for gig impressions.

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I am software engineer. I am game developer too. At least I know how to edit photos.
I don’t know how to use Android for photo editing purpose. What you want to say please let me know :expressionless:

In your photoshop edit gig it says:

“BASIC EDIT 1 IMAGE OR DOCUMENT” in the basic package, but the “# of images” is set to 10.

The standard package says " ADVANCE EDIT 1 IMAGE OR DOCUMENT" but the “# of images” is set to unlimited. It also says “3x Photo editing/retouching/background removal”, that doesn’t really agree wit the “1 image or document” and unlimited # of images.