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Please help me to make my gig better

I recently created a new gig. Please check it out and tell me if I can do any improvements in it. Thanks
Here is the link

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Welcome to the forum

Here is a very informative thread that will help you to improve your gig.


In the bullet points, where it says:
“Plagiarism free so there is”. Maybe take out the “so there is”.

It lets the user change the number of pages (I tried it in the basic package) and increases the price if you say 2 pages instead of 1, but if you put “50” as the number of pages the price is the same as 2 pages.

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Thank you for the help. How can i do the settings that the price changes with number of pages automatically?

It seems like it does in a way. eg. If I enter “500” as the pages it changes again, but 50 is the same as 2 pages.

It should be somewhere in the “edit gig” and “pricing” section. I don’t know where exactly since I don’t have a gig in that subcategory. But maybe another seller who does could help. Or you could change it to use packages or for the number of pages not to be shown if you can do that (and just have it by number of words).

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Thank you so much. :blush:

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