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Please help me to promote my gig

hello guys i am new to fiverrr.i create my gig in fiverr rules but there wasn’t sales yet can you help me


I see you have received 2 votes already within the your short presence here of 11 days. It is an awesome start. Some of us have to wait months to get the first order. So be patient. You will get more sales in time to come once you are established in the site!


First thing first is see what buyers needs and suggest your work. Than use the social share buttons under the gig and this is very important. Creating video to the gig or turning the gig to express will give you kickstart, because many people search for such gigs.

The way I promote my gigs is trough SEO.

My profile is ranked in google for keyword with high search volume trough optimizing gig’s page and creating backlinks. This is the way you can do this:

  1. you need good keyword for ranking. “Logo design” is not good enough, because the competition is very high. How to get easier keyword that have searches? Easy - google will tell you this. Type in google search box “Logo design” and see what it suggest. e.g. when I type it I see “buy logo design”, than I see “buy logo design online”, “purchase logo design online” and “buy logo design cheap” . I like the second, because returns less results (295 000 000), Of course “purchase logo design online” is still very hard for ranking, but you can use your imagenation.

  2. let say we find our keyword “purchase logo design online” . Now is time to optimize the gig for this keyword:
  • use all words from the keyword in gigs title and respective in URL, so it can looks like that “I will design logo for you so purchase online from only $5”
  • use the full keyword in big bold text on the beginning of gig’s description using more words over it like “best”, “today”…
  • name the image/video for the gig …purchaselogodesignonline . jpg/mov… instead logoad222 . jpg (this is example only)
  • create one more related gig, that have the keyword in url and save it in your collection or just save someone else gig that at least have “logo design” in url (to get authority, related OBL link and anchor on the page)
  • add all words from the keyword as tags on the gig
  • when fiverr not accept your gig do not do grammer mistakes to skip this, but try to use synonyms. e.g. if fiverr tell you have over used the word “purchase” you can replace it with “buy”
  • possibly I forgot something, but trying to be obective

  1. create backlinks
  • signup for google alert to auto send you mails for the newer blogs for the keyword logo design - than try to comment with link back to the gig
  • type in google search “inurl:register logo design” . This will return you related sites, were you can register and put gigs link on the profile, in article, comment or direct
  • save all links you create with the access data. Each month you can buy from fiverr bulk backlinks to the links you have made to your gig

    Not so hard! Don’t forget that this was example! Example of othe keyword near to you gig ******* **** ***** **** :)>- joke. Type “Creative logo design” in google and start for yourself.

    If you have interest I will provide you with list with all related keywords from google suggest, whit complete data - searches per month, difficulty and how many people pay for each click to their sites in google ads for $5.

    Best Regards!


This is fantastic answer Nasko!


good answer


plzz help me getting started on fiverr
promote my gigs