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Please help me to promote my gigs

Hi friends! I started logo design gig three weeks ago, but i doesn’t get too many buyers in my gigs as i think, i am promoting my gigs through twitter too, but i am not getting too many page views in my gig, is there is any effective ways to promote the gigs,


what is fragglerock??

@zakstudio If you navigate to the section “Tips for Sellers” is is full of ways to get page views. Also there is the search function in the upper-right corner to help narrow and refine hour search.

P.S. Posting links is not allowed.

It was multiple Fiverr Gig postings @kjblynx

@kjblynx You are correct. But in this instance it was not the first time the Gig-link had been posted, nor was it the first warning. Others had been moved.