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Please help me to sale our gigs?


Hello Everyone ,

I am shubham new in fiverr . We didnt get buyers in my gig . We post 5 of the post related to seo and wordpress but no one to purchase my service . Im feeling so sad Can anyone help me to to sell our gig

Thanks for advance


Hello mate,

You should check buyer requests since you are new member. Try to get some jobs and good reviews, so ur gigs can climb up. It will take some time untill u get real orders. Just tryhard and you will succeed. :slight_smile:


Thank you Sir For advise ,

Sir we want to know that our post goint right or wrong direction . Can you teach me little more

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Hi Shubham,

Don’t be upset and keep daily bidding on buyer request.When i was new seller i also get late sale but i was keeping bidding.

once you get 1 sale then not difficult to get more sale


Thank you sir but is there any secret to get buyers ?


Well you can increase rank of the Gigs via promoting on social media marketing.increasing clicks to promote your gigs.once ranking is increase you can see good results


okk Sir lets we try it for result :frowning:

Thank you again


You are welcome !always happy to help


I like your jobs, those post are going in right direction indeed. Just try to get few jobs on buyer requests and it will be easy after. Also im not sure in what time zone u are, because at the morning in my country, there is blank page, but at night there is so manny offers. If that doesnt work for you, or your team, bring some client on this site. I cant aggre with many people here with ‘‘Sharing your gigs’’ on Social media since there is little chance that our friends want exactly what we do :slight_smile:. Hope u understand what i mean to say. Anyway, just try hard and im sure u will go in right path.


Hi doncorpwriters, If face ti gig ranking , i always share my gig in social media with a nice description but my gig rank is go to down …my gig impression and view is op to 500? please help me


Thank you sir :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


bro are you also new in fiverr


yes bro, I am face raking problem, day by day my click will decrease… and no order


As i said, many people dont realise how to use social media. In my opinion you sholdnt share on your private profiles on social media. Make your business profile and get into some groups related with your job etc. Visit some forums, blogs related to your business and share there. :smiley:
I hope this help you :smile:


It’s Depend where & which platform your are promoting your Gigs & which #hashtags you are using.Twitter & Pinterest is most powerful platform to promote gigs.


. Please suggest something


Begging for attention is one way to NOT have someone help you. Constantly hijacking someone else’s forum topic to draw attention to your own perceived problems is another way to encourage people to ignor you.

If you want help… start your own topic.