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Please Help me to see my gig in search list


any one help me for live my gig because i can’t see my gig in search list.


Is this your first gig? If so, it may have to be approved first.

If its already approved it will normally show to buyers under “New sellers” or “new gigs”.

You can check if others see it by going to Selling>Gigs and seeing "impressions"
Alternatively you can contact support here and double check its in results:


Thank you so much for your kind information.I will try


@whitm0re your gig title states unlimited signups and then your description and pricing show it as only 40 signups.

you state your in the USA but your local time is not a US time zone.

your profile picture is of warren christie and not yourself.

Dude, if you want to rank professionally, BE A PROFESSIONAL.