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Please help me to Show Mistake in Gigs and profile


I am using fiverr and i have got level 1 . But now orders are come slowly
i am getting 2 orders aproximatly in 1 month
Please show mistake on my profile and gigs
Here,s my Profile!


Hi abrarjehan,
I think your gigs look pretty good. You have a few minor grammatical errors in your personal description but I think so of it may be spacing problems with the system. Just review that.

If I were a designer, I would spend some time making some example of different work that I could do in order to have a portfolio to show prospective clients. Buyer requests are tough sometimes but if you are not getting any orders definitely start there and provide a nice, personalized offer and let them know that you can send examples of your work. You look like a great designer, I’m sure that you will start getting more orders.


Thank You for a beautiful conversation
Can you mention my mistakes ? on my profile description
i am sending buyer,s request regular but i have not receive message from buyer .
If you have any other tip let me know


Your last delivery was 16 minutes ago. Think you just need to be patient and give your new gigs a chance. Good luck! :slight_smile:


This gig was 2 days before


Hello, my name is Abrar Jehan. I am a professional designer and Adobe Photoshop professional. I can retouch and add any kind of effect on a photo or help you to design a logo, visiting card, business card, stationary, branding, and more. Exclusively available on Fiverr.

This is how I would edit it still keeping your list of services intact.


Thank you again and again


Well sales are not guaranteed what you can do is just optimize your gigs, share them on social media , use buyer requests and always give your 100% :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


Than you i am using buyer requst but i have not get any notifecation from buyer


You should improve your gigs and tags and yeah slow and steady wins the race :slight_smile:


Ok thank you again for help