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Please help me understand this

So I am not that new on fiverr anymore and things are going slow. Since February I had few sales now and then…just so Fiverr let me know they still exist.

I know I am in a busy nieche and there is not so much competition but those that are are hard to beat :slight_smile:

So I was taking it slow, building my name and suddenly, last weekend there was a BOOM! In two days I got over 10 convos and 6 orders. I thought I broke the barrier but when the weekend stoped, everything went back to slow motion.

I dont share my gigs anywere I am not promoting them in any way…how could that blast happen? I want it more often! :slight_smile: Now I know that I am doing a good job, that my gigs are sellable and people are happy with my service, I just dont see, why with no change to my gigs this happened and how can I repeat it?

Does fiverr somehow randomly promote some shop?


Fiverr circulates gigs one rankings. Maybe you were high up for certain filters in your sub category and/or maybe those filters were in higher demand for a while.


Thanks for the answer. I mean I know gigs are in for high demand. I am on constant check at my competiton.

They have 30-40 orders daily in que and every order is 24h delivery.

I know the demand is high, but how did I beat them.for two days when mostly they take all my traffic? So you just think I was in upper hits of search result?

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Its probably more related to the circulation of gigs.

I find if I get a bunch of inquiries and/or orders all at once it’s after I’ve delivered an order, it’s marked completed or I get a five-star review, these things seem to increase the likelihood of being rotated favorably, but it depends on your competition and the demand.