Please help me urgent



Some one message me to clone a website from one wordpress to another wordpress , So, I said to him my budget is XX would I send you custom offer? He said when your work is finish, then send me the custom offer, When every work done I told him would I send you offer now? Then he said he did not want to clone and told me that I deleted his content bla bla… , Now he said he will complain to fiverr, How can I do now?


Why would you do the work without an order?

If he hasn’t paid for anything, he’s not a buyer, so I doubt Fiverr will do anything.


brother, 1st of all u should send him a custom offer with a little description, so that client cant claim that he didn’t say this or he did bla bla bla . next time follow this method and pray for this time, coz fiverr always support buyers, not new seller, level 1 or 2 seller, but fiverr support their top rated seller also !


I trust him and he said he will order after complete the work… He is from USA, I did any wrong? Fiverr blame me or not ? I am so afraid because I did my work and now he blame me.


It doesn’t matter where in the world he’s from, if he didn’t order and pay up front, he’s not a buyer.


But I am thinking where is my problem , I did not do any mistake his site but he blame me and did not accept the order , What decision fiverr will do against me ?


If he didn’t pay for anything, he’s not a buyer. End of.


Fiverr will not do anything to you at all because no one bought anything from you.

You made a website free for someone.

You need to always wait until they buy an order from you before you do any work.

He was not a buyer. You are not in trouble. All that happened is you made someone a website for free.


Trusting him was the problem.
If someone wants you to do something that is not the way Fiverr says to do things then you have to say no.


Thank you very much for your comment and support. I am really afraid when he threat me said that he will reported on fiverr. But trust me the website has no problem… When I told him please accept the order and then he start blaming me. I am so much afraid because as a programmer I ask more then 3 times if i made any changes but this is first time I am screwed.


Yes you are right I told him would I send you custom offer he said finish the job and I will accept the order. I have already send you order but he did not accept when work done and I told you work done please accept the order then he start blaming me. So frustration for me never happen this situation with this 2 year Fiverr journey.


He tricked you to get a free website. I’m so sorry this happened to you.
He wanted you to be afraid to complain about him to fiverr that you did the work free so he threatened you.

You learned a good lesson. Never do any work before you get an order from a real buyer. Buyers pay for the order first, then you do the work.


Fiverr strongly recommends never to start working on something before the actual order is placed. If you do the work without the order in place, Fiverr offers no guarantees that you will be paid.

As for that person threatening you, what’s he going to say to CS? He can’t complain that the job was poorly done if there was no order in place. The work was done without the contract, so Fiverr has nothing to do with it.


I thought you were new but you have 627 reviews so I’m surprised this happened.


Yes this is first time happen with me, I never faced this type of situation before… I am surprised when I got his message, I am really frustrated and disappoint.


But you are a very experienced seller, so why did you do this job without any order?


Mainly I trust USA client, But I did not work for any person before order (only USA but very often this is 3rd time) and I told him please accept the order he told me “you can trust me I will definitely order”


if there was no agreement between u and client dn most probably fiverr won’t take action against u !


Mainly I trust USA client, But I did not work for any person before order (only USA but very often this is 3rd time) and I told him please accept the order he told me “you can trust me I will definitely order”


Actually, while CS probably won’t/can’t do anything for you, as you just went ahead and did the work for free, it would be good to tell them about this, so they can check/keep an eye on it to see if he does that regularly to inexperienced/gullible sellers to get work done for nothing.
Fiverr probably won’t like people getting all their work done for free either, as they don’t get their fees then.
This wouldn’t help you, but perhaps the potential next ‘victim’.
As for the threat, all the more reason to report this.