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Please help me what should i do?

Please me fellow members. Please read this

Now, after giving order, till tomorrow I have to submit this order but this seller is not replying. He gave me an incomplete information. So, what should i do? If i will not take action then after tomorrow this order will have an late tag and buyer have right to give me negative feedback. but how can I submit incomplete work with that also he can give me bad feedback. Please suggest me. I am very hard working person and To achieve this rating or feedback I spent many nights. Please suggest me for that kind of fake buyer or what should I do guys? Please see this image as proof.

you have options ask buyer to extended the delivery date , by clicking the resolution’s center .
or you can chat with the customer support with this issue.

If i put request to extend delivery time then my time stopwatch will stop or it will impact my account with the late tag

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