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Please help me with ID verification

Not to sound dramatic, however I’m really tired right now, and a tad bit annoyed. I’ve done this ID verification step about 3 times, each time ensuring lighting is optimal for both the Passport and Selfie, and ensuring there’s no tardiness. Each time, I get an error, saying something about my image quality! Now that I’ve done it 3 times, with all 3 failing,my account has been restricted. This is absolutely ridiculous! I have no idea what to do, and I’ve contacted customer support, with no response, and I’m just frantic as of now! If anyone could help me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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Check this out:

Also this: SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know - #31 by hanshuber16

I’m so sorry that you’re facing like this problem. Please follow theire instructions.

Hey there!

Thanks for those articles, however they really don’t seem to help. I did every single one of those tips, except the uploading scanned documents as that’s not possible, they force you to take the photo live. Do you by chance know of a manual verification? I’m really nervous, as I’ve heard those horror stories of people’s entire accounts being deleted!

Only Customer Support will be able to help you with this.

You will need to wait for their reply.

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