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Please help me with information!


The second client I got, it gave me 7 days and the work was 3 customized. I finished the 2nd that night, but I did not change his cippal ID, password. I wake up in the morning and lifted the proposal. When I contact him, he says you’re taking time. I said you gave me 7 days, today it is 2 days? Then he does not have the problem. I’ll give 50% of the tips I have with you. Later he did not give me tips. Can I complain to the Fiverr for this type of client?
Please help me with information!


Are you saying your buyer promised you a tip and then you didn’t get one?

A tip is an extra - a pleasant bonus. You can’t complain to Fiverr if you didn’t get a tip, even it had been promised.

Apologies if this isn’t what you meant BTW.


No you cannot complain to fiverr if someone says they will give you something and does not, and not only that but it is a violation of the terms of service to make a deal like this. You might get an account warning if you tell them you violated the rules this way.