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Please help me with my GIG

Hello !
My name is Ashraful. I am a Graphic Designer ! I have open my gig almost a month ago but I did not get any customer ! I did everything you guys told me to do ! And I really thank you for that ! So I am requesting you to check my gigs and tell me where do I need to improve, modify, or edit or anything that you think is going to help me ! So please give it a look ! You are the expert ! Your click will even help me more ! Thank you for your valuable time ! I respect that !

Here my fiverr account link :

And my most clicked GIG link :

Thanks Again !!


You could have better tags. These three all yield the same search results, so you’re wasting tags there. [business cards] [business card design] [business card]

[visiting card] is a good one, [cards] is really broad, but still valid.


Ouh !! Thank You so much ! I didn’t knew about this ! I am going to edit my tags right away !

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do unique and meaning full book covers
In the gig description:
“make you a eye catching” could be “make you an eye-catching”

Also in the gig title do you mean “meaningful book covers” instead of “meaning full book covers”?

Also in 2 gigs you say “Your satisfaction is much more important to me”. I’d probably change that.


ooh brother thanks a lot !! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: I wasn’t aware of this ! Thank you so much for your time and advice ! If there is something that i can help you with please feel free to tell me !!

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This discussion knowledgeable. Thanks all

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