Please help me with my gigs


Hi. So it’s been almost a month since I landed here but I am not able to sell anything as of yet. Can any of you expert go through my profile and let me know what I’m doing wrong? I know people who landed here and within a month were selling their gigs.

Please help :neutral_face:


Your GIG image or description are fine…neatly written as well ! Try adding a video to your gig ! but your gig offering is something really unique :slight_smile:


I’m sure I’m doing something wrong as I am not getting any sales…


Suggest you to add a video to you gig maybe that wud help !


Dear Anderson:

What name do you like to be called? Your customers want to know what to call you.

I took a quick look at your profile:

Your profile image: I recommend a color photo of your smiling face. Others may recommend you use a logo or a caricature to protect your privacy. No reputable person associated with Fiverr recommends that you ever lie about your location or attempt to deceive Buyers with misleading information. (I’m not saying you have, I’m just including this information for the benefit of anyone else who might read this post.)
Your one-line statement that appears on the profile page, directly below your user name: This is an oddly dispassionate log line. Your goal is to make the Buyer feel they know, like, and trust you.
Your profile text:

This reads like a personal ad. Fiverr is not a dating site. I suggest you re-do this, talking about your skills and how they benefit the Buyer, and the fact that you are here to help the Buyer. End with the name Buyers should call you. Any time you feel tempted to talk about long walks on the beach, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

All your gigs should have video, 3 images (not stock images pulled from the web), 2 pdfs (for more samples and your business policies), and so on…

Here you have created 7 gigs, but it may be that you’ve built out too many too soon. I suggest you delete all the gigs built around helping students cheat on their homework assignments, then carefully study the other gigs on Fiverr that are similar to what remains of your gigs. Tweak them to make them more competitive. Make sure your English is flawless throughout. Offer more generous word counts as you are starting out. You can reduce your word count after you reach Level 2 and have 100 reviews.

Make a video of yourself talking to the camera, because this approach garners IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Include additional samples in the video!

Your primary challenge at this point is making a connection with Buyers. You can make appropriate use of Buyer Requests, and become a helpful resource on message boards devoted to writing, proofreading, and what have you. As you become known on those sites, your fans there should seek you out on Fiverr.

Good luck,

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Never Contact a Seller on Fiverr to Ask for FREE STUFF!]
Be sure to read the Fiverr Terms of Service and to make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, Fiverrcast, and Fiverr Support.

Engage your common sense. Not every suggestion here will work for you. You are responsible for your results, so you should test everything and adjust for your own best results.

I suggest you check out Fiverrcast episode 08: Working Through Language Barriers.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist.
Please study this thread: to better appreciate what I’m talking about here. It should take you a minimum of 4 weeks to make your way through all the material.

If you haven’t already read Strengths Finder 2.0 and taken that assessment, I suggest you do so, because it should give you the language to express your strengths and help you to brainstorm some gigs for which you are especially well qualified. Check out the writing of Chris Guillebeau and Tim Ferriss. By Josh Kaufman, I recommend The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast! and The Personal MBA. Also, you could read Influence by Robert Cialdini and Get Anyone to Do Anything by David J. Lieberman.

Here’s a thread discussing a specific example of a Buyer Request for which I created a gig and then asked for help improving that gig via the forum.

Please copy and paste the links below to read these articles: Improve My Gig Checklist 39 Tips and Tricks for Super Sellers Seller Tip Trilogy 3 Top Tips and Tricks Fiverr Anywhere Video Tutorial Requests 1 Buyer Requests 2 for Non-Native English Speakers Instructionals from a Techies POV SEO Idea 54 Sales in Our First Month 7 Tips for Upselling Chargebacks Social Media Gig Marketing Managing Buyer Expectations Gig Tweaks Digital Copyright Gig Images Fiverrcast Questions Fiverr’s Cut Cogent Discussion of Buyers, Sellers, and Sellers Warning Signs of a Potentially Troublesome Buyer Warning Signs of a Potentially Troublesome Seller What URLs Can I Use? Fiverr Terms of Service How to Make Millions on Fiverr


good things take time :slight_smile:


Dear Sir,
Please can you take a look at my profile and check out my gigs if it needs any improvement. Thanks!


Your profile doesn’t tell me why I should hire you. Who are you? Why are you qualified to work on my projects?

Your writing gig has English mistakes and is much, much too short. Give examples of your writing style here. This is the place people go first time they click on your gig and you want them to say ‘wow’, this person can really write.



Thank you so much for going through my gig. Very much appreciated. I will definitely follow all your advice and hope for the best results.

Thanks again.



Thank you so much for going through my gigs. I really appreciate the blunt comment, it told me where I am wrong. Thank a ton. I will definitely consider your advice and make the appropriate changes.

Thank again :slight_smile: