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Please help me with the right gig tags


please i need your help with setting up or picking the right gig tags for my gig. My gig is on social media and personal assistance. so please i need you guys in the house to help me with the right gig tags


You claim to be a professional social media manager, but don’t know how to choose tags?

And you offer flawless proofreading, but write


For personal assistance, you can get tags from your gig description.

I would use personal assistant, data entry, customer support, data mining (if you can do that, otherwise “data collecting” or “data gathering” might be better), etc.

For social media, I didn’t find a single gig related to social media. What exactly do you want to do? Social media is very broad, when I searched “social media” I found someone that does this:

5-7 social media posts every day :date: 3 days of management :chart_with_upwards_trend: Increased engagement on your page

But if you don’t know how to do it, I don’t recommend offering that service.


@hanshuber16 also pointed out the same thing on another OP’s post :roll_eyes:

On a side note, who am I talking to, a man or a woman? :thinking: